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"Unpoliticians" is a term coined by Rethink Leadership founder Alex Torpey in a talk entitled "The Local Revolution" at Personal Democracy Forum in 2012 in reference to a rising generation of American political and civic leaders.

The term is intended to apply, broadly, for example, to people who:

  • See elected office as temporary service, not a career
  • Are willing to commit themselves to the betterment and development of public institutions and political systems without regard to party affiliation or special interest
  • Believe in the value of diversity in decision making environments, and building governance environments to reflect that value 
  • Work to create more accessible and merit-based leadership spaces, especially in political environments 
  • Make their failures/successes known and information more widely available, to help others achieve the same things, or better things, than they have


You can watch the talk below


"But in our time, as in every time, the impossible is the least that one can demand..." - James Baldwin