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About Rethink Leadership

Rethink Leadership, a New Jersey based nonprofit corporation, began in 2012 as a nonprofit corporation by Alex Torpey and board members Aaron Straus Garcia and Jim Kerns. The nonprofit was eventually brought under Veracity Media's heading as a "Social Impact Project," part of an initiative of Torpey's (Veracity founder) to formalize the company's social good mission in discreet impact projects.

In 2015, when Alex, and early Veracity partner Aaron Straus Garcia left the company, Alex left with ownership of Rethink Leadership and formally re-registered it starting in 2017, with Aaron Straus Garcia and Brandon McKoy as board members. 

While operating, Rethink Leadership produced content and spotlighted young elected leaders from a diversity of political backgrounds who were focused on making government work better. Rethink Leadership assisted in several events, including being the impetus for Veracity's "Women Lead" program, which were a series of in-person workshops held in New Jersey and New York City to help bring resources out for women who were thinking about running for office.

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In 2012, Alex also launched Rethink Leadership, a nonpartisan initiative aimed at inspiring and supporting young and otherwise nontraditional political candidates to run for office as a way to positively benefit their community. The goal of Rethink Leadership is to not only help encourage people towards greater civics participation, but also to help create a more collaborative political environment through local workshops, seminars and networking events. In 2014, Rethink Leadership was re-launched as a "Social Impact Project" by Veracity Media, allowing the initiative greater financial sustainability while focusing its efforts and resources on the job of changing how young people view government service.


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