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Pew on the polarization of American politics

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At a time when the United States government has been the least productive in history, Pew recently released a study showing that America is more ideologically divided than ever before.  In the past, despite many fundamental differences, Republicans and Democrats have been relatively close to some middle on a number of issues that provided an opportunity to at least forge the beginnings of bi-partisan relationships. However, the Democrats and Republicans in 2014, as parties, have realigned to become more extreme, and the middle ground between the two parties has become less represented by the most engaged, even though it's actually where most Americans fall.


And more believe their representatives in government should meet halfway to resolve contentious disputes rather than hold out for more of what they want.


The disconnect between active political figures and American citizens is becoming a bigger problem and as a result, the need for channels for young people to get involved in politics without the extremism of the parties is becoming increasingly important.

The largest percentage of Americans that identify as Moderates and Independents comes from the new generation of Millennials - 45% of people born between 1981 and 1994 identify as independents. This is where Rethink Leadership is born from - the idea that young people should have a space to learn, grow and network into public leaders without the requirement of attaching themselves to one particular ideology or another. Make sure to signup for email updates if you haven't, and read more from the full study at Pew.


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