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Top 40 under 40 from Washington Post

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Top_40_under_40.pngThis week, Aaron Blake of the Washington Post’s “The Fix” released a top 40 under 40 of political rising stars. Click here to see the full list.


Highlighting a handful of young leaders throughout the country the article showed a slice into the lives of young leaders, and at Rethink we love bringing some attention to the hard work that people are doing inside of government and outside of DC!

We’re especially proud of one of our earliest supporters and most accomplished and enthusiastic legislators, Kylie Oversen, state representative from North Dakota who made the list. Kylie had this to say:


“It was sincerely an honor to have been recognized by “The Fix” for the work I have been doing in my community and state. It is even more fun, though, to see the other young people making waves across the country and to have a connection to this group of up and comers. I believe our generation truly is changing the face of public service and I look forward to continuing to be a part of this movement and meeting others who are part of it as well!” 


We know that his list doesn’t nearly track the hundreds of young people, and civic and community leaders across the country who are making great strides in their communities, but it’s a great start to helping show people that politics doesn’t necessarily just equal gridlock and scandals, but that there is a tremendous amount of progress being made in communities around the country by people committed to using government as a tool for social and political change.

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