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We have never needed to Rethink Leadership in our country more than now. Our government is plagued with political gridlock holding back progress on important issues and concerned Americans are looking for new, creative solutions. And now, with technology and social media making it easier and more affordable for potential leaders to not only have meaningful conversations with their constituents, but run a professional-grade campaign, the barrier of entry into elected office is lower than it ever has been. Read the founding letter


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The civic leaders making government a tech leader

Mar 24, 2015 -

Worried about keeping all those texts, tweets, and emails on your cell phone or laptop private?     Even though we live in a world of electronic communication, our privacy is still governed by outdated pen-and-paper privacy protections. But that may be starting to change, thanks to young leaders like... (Read more...)

Run for America - 435 job posting

Mar 06, 2015 -

From Run For America: Imagine for a moment you were offered an exciting, new job. It’d come with $174,000 salary, 3-4 workdays a week, a full-time staff of 18, and opportunities for international travel. Your primary responsibility would be to work with others to formulate and enact ideas to solve... (Read more...)

To choose and to be chosen

Nov 07, 2014 -

The right to vote for candidates and the right to run as one are arguably the two primary sides of our civic participation coin in the United States. Yet, while the voting age in the United States is 18, many candidacy laws have an age significantly higher. A question worth... (Read more...)

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